Rendered in testament of his exemplary work of February 13, 2016, resulting in the apprehension of a carjacking suspect at the Rivers Casino in downtown Pittsburgh.  At approximately 0327 hours, while on duty and traveling in a marked Sheriff’s unit, Deputy Thompson received dispatch that an armed carjacking had just occurred.   It was reported the suspect, who was forcibly pointing a gun at bystanders, was in the location of Casino Drive.  Deputy Thompson immediately responded to the scene, where he encountered a Pittsburgh police officer holding three people at gunpoint.  The officer informed Thompson that none of the individuals were the suspect being pursued, before providing the suspect’s physical description and direction of flight, which was towards the entrance of the casino.  Deputy Thompson went to the casino and spoke with valet and casino security, both confirming that a man had just run into the building, headed for the restroom.   Deputy Thompson advised dispatch, ordered all patrons to leave the area and withdrew his duty weapon. 

Once inside the restroom, Deputy Thompson observed an actor, bearing the suspect’s physical description, bleeding profusely from his head.  Deputy Thompson ordered the suspect to the ground at gunpoint.  Although the actor initially moved towards Deputy Thompson while unleashing a barrage of racial and anti-police statements, he ultimately complied with commands.  At this time, back-up assistance arrived on scene. Deputy Thompson took the actor into custody and began tending to his head wound until medics arrived.  The carjacking victim, as well as three witnesses to the incident, subsequently identified the suspect as the actor who perpetrated the carjacking.

Deputy Thompson is hereby presented this Certificate of Commendation for his outstanding performance tracking an armed carjacking suspect to a crowded, public venue and for his prompt apprehension of the actor in a manner uncompromising to the safety of the countless people inside the casino that day.