Furnished in testament of his outstanding work of February 9, 2016 resulting in the apprehension of Taun Kirkland and the recovery of quantities of drugs and firearms from a McKeesport residence.

At approximately 1110 hours that date, Sergeant Mullen and investigators reported to 1114 Freemont Street in McKeesport, PA to locate Taun Kirkland, who was wanted on three active Allegheny County Family Division warrants for Direct Criminal Contempt.  After entering the home, investigators encountered Kirkland and immediately took him into custody.  Investigators subsequently developed probable cause for a search warrant while performing a security sweep of the residence.  Upon securing the warrant, investigators searched the premises, leading to the recovery of 35 bricks of heroin and three firearms.  The drugs and one of the firearms was discovered in a bag belonging to a Whitnee Green, who was subsequently indicted.  Kirkland was further charged in the incident. 

In addition to the above arrest, Sergeant Mullen is hereby presented this Certificate of Commendation for his exemplary supervisory work coordinating the overall detail, wherein he effectively collaborated with supervisors on the federal, county and local levels and assembled 55 law enforcement members and civilian personnel into seven teams.  His supervision and partnership efforts resulted in a highly successful operation which included 21 arrests in the McKeesport area of Allegheny County.