Furnished in recognition of his outstanding efforts of June 11, 2016, while working the Pittsburgh Pride festival, and assigned to a traffic post at the intersection of Liberty Avenue and Ninth Street. 

At approximately 1830 hours, Deputy Fratto observed a motor vehicle collision, during which the driver of a black, Saturn sedan violently impelled a blue, Ford Escape through the intersection, up onto the sidewalk and into the store window of the Pittsburgh Popcorn Company.  While careening onto the walkway, the vehicles struck two pedestrians, who suffered traumatic injuries as a result of the accident.  Deputy Fratto immediately ran to the victims and began to administer medical aid, as he simultaneously radioed for assistance. 
While assessing the situation, Deputy Fratto noted one of the victims sustained a severe leg wound, prompting him to apply pressure to the injury in attempt to control the profuse bleeding.  He subsequently applied a tourniquet to the individual’s leg, reducing blood loss.  At this juncture, a paramedic arrived at the scene and Deputy Fratto advised him that pressure dressings and bandages were needed.  The medic provided the requested materials and, together, the medic and Deputy Fratto dressed and bandaged the most critical wounds.  An additional medic arrived shortly thereafter and Deputy Fratto helped to secure the victims onto stretchers for subsequent transport to Allegheny General Hospital. 

This Commendation of Life Saving is hereby given in highest esteem for Deputy Fratto’s adept work providing urgent treatment to two victims in desperate need of medical attention and for admirably fulfilling his sworn obligation to serve others facing emergency and life-threatening situations.