Furnished in testament of his exemplary work responding to the escape of an inmate from Renewal center facilities on December 2, 2016.  At approximately 2304 hours that date, Deputy Townsend was performing patrol duties in Pittsburgh Police Zone 2, when a countywide BOLO alert was transmitted regarding a white, middle-aged man running towards Ross Street downtown.  The actor, an inmate who had absconded from the Renewal center, was being pursued on foot by two guards. 

Deputy Townsend immediately proceeded down Fifth Avenue to the actor’s last provided location, the intersection of Grant Street and Third Avenue.  At this juncture, Deputy Townsend encountered the Renewal center staff member who placed the 911 call, while she was tracing the actor from the Second Avenue facility.  The Renewal center employee got into Deputy Townsend’s police unit, and they proceeded toward the intersection of Fourth Avenue and Smithfield Street, where they observed the actor quickly walking.  Deputy Townsend exited his vehicle, identified himself and ordered the actor to stop.  Although the actor initially refused orders, he subsequently complied with Deputy Townsend’s commands and Deputy Townsend took him into custody without further incident.  Following the arrest, a Renewal center supervisor arrived on scene and advised Deputy Townsend the actor had run from the facility following a disturbance and violation of program rules.

Deputy Townsend is hereby presented this Certificate of Commendation for his outstanding efforts in the prompt apprehension of a fugitive immediately following escape from a downtown halfway house, and in a manner uncompromising to the safety of the general public.