Furnished in testament of his exemplary work of February 21, 2017, responding to a shooting incident in Munhall Borough. 

At approximately 1400 hours that date, Deputy Modrick, who was on-duty serving legal process in Munhall, received dispatch regarding a shooting near 620 E. 17th Avenue.  It was reported the suspect was a black male, who was shirtless and observed running along E. 19th Avenue.  Deputy Modrick traveled to the area, where he immediately spotted an individual fitting the provided description.  Deputy Modrick exited his vehicle and approached the suspect, later identified as Dashay Worthy, who stated he was going to pick-up his kids en route from 17th Avenue.  Although Worthy did not have identification, he provided Deputy Modrick his name and date of birth before a Munhall Police unit arrived at the scene.  Throughout the encounter, Worthy acted visibly nervous and was breathing heavily, as if he had just been sprinting.

At this juncture, Deputy Modrick ran Worthy for wants and warrants and confirmed the suspect was wanted on a warrant out of Homestead Borough.  Worthy was subsequently placed under arrest and transported by Munhall Police.  Following the apprehension, Deputy Modrick walked the route the suspect reported as taken, where he found a Miami Dolphins shirt, an article witnesses stated the shooting suspect was wearing.  He also discovered a red and gold coat, which exhibited a sizeable amount of blood.  Deputy Modrick notified County Dispatch as to the location of the items for Allegheny County Homicide to collect.

Deputy Modrick is hereby presented this Certificate of Commendation for his outstanding efforts leading to the apprehension of a dangerous shooting suspect and for taking it upon himself to find critical, criminal evidence immediately after the incident.