The Allegheny County Sheriff's Office is deeply committed to serving the residents of Allegheny County in as many ways as possible with the limited personnel of the department.  It is our continued intention to provide the best possible service at the lowest possible cost without sacrificing the quality of such services. 

 “As the Chief Law Enforcement Officer in Allegheny County, I believe I have a responsibility to take a pro-active approach to fighting crime, and there is no question in my mind that our efforts in Crime Prevention and Community-Oriented Policing are extremely effective in educating our citizens in ways to prevent crime, and avoid being victims of crimes. "

- Crime Prevention Programs Brochure



The Allegheny County Sheriff's Office participation in Community Relations, Crime Prevention and Community-Oriented Police Services is quite extensive.  Our programs provide many beneficial services to a large segment of County residents of various age groups on a broad range of law enforcement and safety topics.  Most importantly, perhaps, is our emphasis on citizen involvement in the fight against crime.

We in the Allegheny County Sheriff’s Office will do everything we can to fight crime and protect our citizens. And what's more, in Allegheny County, we have perhaps the best system of local, municipal law enforcement in the whole country.  We are not aware of any community in the United States where local law enforcement is so community-oriented and pro-active as our borough, township and city police officers in Allegheny County.  But short of putting a police officer on every corner of every street in this county, law enforcement officers cannot do the job alone.  We need and want active citizen participation in our Crime Prevention efforts.  Together, we can help ensure that this remains one of the safest communities in America.

In December 2008, our very own Crime Prevention Deputy, Jason Tarap was honored as 2008 Pennsylvania Crime Prevention Officer of the Year.