MARCH 2018

I am pleased to acknowledge the selection of DEPUTY SHERIFF ROBERT CHAMBERS as Employee of the Month for March 2018. 

Assigned to the Family Court Division of the Sheriff’s Office, Deputy Chambers is recognized by his supervisors for his excellent work manning the sally port, a demanding post that requires security oversight of prisoner movement in and out of the building, the arrival and departure of all Common Pleas Judges and the near-constant stream of deliveries to the facility. Deputy Chambers is proficient in not only accommodating the regular influx of vehicles that require parking in the constricted area, but in engaging all individuals he encounters in a calm, pleasant and professional demeanor, despite how overwhelming operations may be at the time. Many of the judges who park in the sally port have taken it upon themselves to contact our supervisors to commend Deputy Chambers’ work performance. 

On many occasions, Deputy Chambers is assigned to various posts in the Family Court Division, where he can always be relied upon to carry out new duties with diligence and aplomb. Further, Deputy Chambers, on his own accord, regularly reports to work thirty minutes prior to the start of his shift and willingly helps with operations in the sally port if needed. 

In appreciation, Deputy Chambers will be granted one full day off work, as long as no overtime is incurred. Please join me in congratulating Deputy Chambers on a job well done.