JULY 2019

I am pleased to acknowledge the selection of DEPUTY SHERIFF RONALD STOKES as Employee of the Month for July 2019.


Assigned to provide security at the PFA office, Deputy Stokes is responsible for running all individuals documented on the PFA court and walk-in registers for wants and warrants.  This daily task was a cumbersome process, as court staff did not require identification to be provided upon arrival at the office, making names the only available identifier for Deputy Stokes to query.  Deputy Stokes had to carry out a multi-step procedure of searching all names through the CPCMS system and then, should warrant confirmations materialize, narrowing all positive queries until particular individuals could be isolated and verified through JNET photo searches.


Deputy Stokes recognized this method of performing warrant searches as slow, burdensome and woefully inaccurate.  His concerns were compounded when he was approached by a woman who claimed that a man she filed a PFA against, had subsequently attacked her before going to court and filing a PFA against her, despite him being subject to an active arrest warrant for assault.  The woman further claimed that the man even took the PFA that he filed against her to his local police department; however, the man was not arrested on the warrant by authorities. 


Upon learning this information, Deputy Stokes immediately addressed this issue through his chain of command and a meeting was held with PFA office managerial staff.  The Sheriff’s Office underscored the importance of obtaining more detailed identification information on the court and walk-in registers in effort to prevent an incident of this nature from occurring again.  Managerial staff was initially resistant, as it would create additional manpower issues, their employees already backlogged on entering PFAs into the system.  Roughly one week later, Deputy Stokes informed his supervisors that he had remained persistent with managerial staff, reiterating that the safety of PFA victims was paramount to enhanced workloads.  Ultimately, due to Deputy Stokes’ tenacity, PFA staff members now acquire all necessary information, so the Sheriff’s Office can thoroughly, accurately and quickly guarantees warrant subjects involved in the PFA process are apprehended.


In recognition of his efforts, Deputy Stokes will be granted one full day off work, as long as no overtime is incurred.  Please join me in congratulating Deputy Stokes on a job well done!