I am pleased to acknowledge the selection of DEPUTY SHERIFF ALICIA SWACKHAMMER as Employee of the Month for September 2019. 

Supervisors state that, since joining the Sheriff’s Office three years ago, Deputy Swackhammer has proven herself a vital and reliable asset to the Courts Division, specifically in her assignment to the Family and Juvenile court sections. Not only has Deputy Swackhammer taken it upon herself to learn the various facets of working in the courts, she has quickly developed her abilities to contribute to the daily workload of the Sheriff’s Office. Currently, Deputy Swackhammer is responsible for managing operations at a court security desk, where she excels at ensuring the safety of all individuals stationed on her floor and remains prepared and willing to take on any additional assignment. Deputy Swackhammer’s supervisors appreciate the exceptional work ethic she consistently exhibits while on duty, as well as, the situational awareness she brings to such a tense environment, where violent, unforeseen events can unfold without a moment’s notice. 

In addition, Deputy Swackhammer is a dynamic contributor to the security of the PFA Office, where she covers operations when needed. She has approached her superiors to convey her eagerness and commitment to learning all court-related duties, so that she is able to stand-in for her Sergeants when they are both off-duty. This sense of initiative was displayed this past month, when Deputy Swackhammer made six physical arrests leading to no further incidents. Deputy Swackhammer made three of such arrests when she was assigned to the PFA office and tasked with running all individuals present for court that date. The remaining three apprehensions were made while Deputy Swackhammer was assigned to desk duties in the Family Court Complex. 

A team-player, Deputy Swackhammer is well-regarded amongst her supervisors and colleagues for her positive, responsive attitude and her ambition to complete tasks to the absolute best of her abilities. 

In recognition, Deputy Swackhammer will be granted one full day off work, as long as no overtime is incurred. Please join me in congratulating Alicia on a job well done!