I am pleased to acknowledge the selection of DEPUTY SHERIFF RACHEL KATCHMAR as Employee of the Month for February 2017.

A seventeen-year-veteran of the Sheriff’s Office, Deputy Katchmar is recognized for her exemplary work assigned to evening Hospital and Pittsburgh Municipal Court details.  Deputy Katchmar’s supervisors state she continuously goes above and beyond duty while performing her assigned tasks, and that she demonstrates tenacity in ensuring all work is completed to the highest professional standard.  In addition, Deputy Katchmar is merited for displaying an unwavering positive attitude, regardless of what is asked of her or what her duties may entail.  She has proven herself a valuable and well-versed member of the Municipal Courts Division, as she is extremely competent performing transports, providing security within the Municipal and other court divisions, or working the patrol detail any occasion hospital security is not required. 

Deputy Katchmar’s supervisors describe her as dependable, admirable and considerate, underscoring their appreciation for her ability to get along with all individuals she works with.  A person who is willing to take on additional work by consistently asking what more she can do to help others, Deputy Katchmar exemplifies a well-respected employee whose positivity and good nature is a welcome asset to the Sheriff’s Office and the overall law enforcement community. 

For her efforts, Deputy Katchmar will be granted one full day off work, as long as no overtime is incurred.  Please join me in congratulating Deputy Katchmar on a job well done.