JUNE 2017

I am pleased to acknowledge the selection of SERGEANT NEIL HALL as Employee of the Month for June 2017.

June 1, 2017 marks the third time Sergeant Hall has effectively administered naloxone to an individual due to drug overdose.  The victim in this instance had overdosed in the bathroom of a downtown Starbucks.  Within four minutes of the call, Sergeant Hall responded to the location, where he observed a male lying on the floor, unconscious.  Sergeant Hall attempted to unsuccessfully wake the individual before dispensing naloxone, reviving the subject.

In April, Sergeant Hall was working in Writ District # 1 when he observed a female collapsed across the sidewalk, near the intersection of Smithfield Street and the Boulevard of the Allies.  Sergeant Hall immediately exited his vehicle and assessed the victim, who was suffering from a drug overdose.  He subsequently administered a single dose of naloxone, which immediately resuscitated the woman. 

Sergeant Hall was the first sworn member of the Sheriff’s Office to issue naloxone on-duty, shortly after it was provided to deputies in the Writ Division, in September of last year. The victim was a 26 year-old female who injected heroin into her arm as she was driving.  She subsequently crashed into an empty vehicle parked along a residential street of Highland Park.  She was slumped over the seat of her car, unresponsive.  Once again due to Sergeant Hall’s critical efforts as a first-responder, this young adult received an additional chance at life.  The incident came at an especially poignant time, after the heroin epidemic had emerged to the forefront of public scrutiny, and as government, medical, community, media and law enforcement officials continued to aggressively tackle the problem.  Sergeant Hall’s life-saving actions, and the Sheriff’s Office’s commitment to assist individuals suffering from drug addiction, were underscored by the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Editorial Board in the article “Pack Naloxone: Police Everywhere Should Carry the Opiate Antidote.”

In recognition, Sergeant Hall will be granted one full day off work, as long as no overtime is incurred.  Please join me in commending Sergeant Hall for his life-saving work.