I am pleased to acknowledge the selection of EXECUTIVE SECRETARY MEGAN CIESIELSKI and CLERK AMY THAMERT as Employees of the Month for January 2019. 

This week marks the first official time entirely new assignments have taken effect across Sheriff’s Office courts divisions. The effort, which entailed constructing efficient, logical bidding procedures for all deputy sheriffs assigned to the courts, was unprecedented for our agency and had the potential to widely affect the work schedules of many employees. 

Last month, Executive Secretary Megan Ciesielski and Clerk Amy Thamert were ascribed the task of researching the positions that required bidding, creating documents and spreadsheets to coordinate picks and implementing the final process. 

Although Megan and Amy did not have the benefit of using historical data from which to construct their plans, both employees worked seamlessly together, with minimal direction no less, to ensure all positions were properly bid without any contentions or administrative difficulties. 

In recognition of their exemplary work performance, Megan and Amy will each be granted one full day off work, as long as no overtime is incurred. Please join me in congratulating these employees on a job exceptionally well done.