MARCH 2017

I am pleased to acknowledge the selection of DEPUTY SHERIFF ANTHONY FRATTO and NETWORK ADMINISTRATOR AARON SEDLITSKY as Employees of the Month for March 2017.

Deputy Fratto has taken it upon himself to enhance the Sheriff’s Office’s proficiency in responding to a host of medical emergencies.  His achievements include facilitating the training of three deputy sheriffs to assist with first responder and first aid instruction for the 2017 training year, spearheading an effort to equip the Investigations Division with first aid and AED kits, and upgrading the first aid supplies compiled within various divisions.  In addition, Deputy Fratto has educated deputies on the equipment’s proper usages.  Supervisors report the administration of such duties is tedious and that they witness Deputy Fratto dedicating countless hours ordering, cataloging and distributing medical resources to various divisions within our agency.  In effort to secure funding to appropriately maintain our current supply of resources; Deputy Fratto has recently undertaken the comprehensive task of applying for additional grant funding, all actions testament to his self-motivation and desire to contribute to the overall effectiveness of the ACSO.

Our Network Administrator, Aaron Sedlitsky, has been pivotal to the Sheriff’s Office hosting Satellite License to Carry events throughout the County, an initiative which commenced in 2015.  At every single event our agency has accommodated thus far, Aaron has been critical to the efficient set-up and administration of all the computer, printing and network equipment required to issue permits outside the Firearms Division.  Supervisors report Aaron is always on-hand to almost instantly correct any technical issues that arise which, due to the sizeable amount of equipment used for these events, is no easy feat. 

At our most recent event in Collier Township, the Firearms Division was able to issue 519 permits in only seven hours.  During this time period, there were multiple issues regarding failing computer peripherals.  Aaron was extremely adept at dissecting and reassembling printers, troubleshooting failing signature pads and card readers and reconnecting to wireless internet routers. At one juncture, Aaron was even obliged to set-up an independent 4G wireless network due to locally failing WIFI.  The transition was practically seamless between networks, causing only a few minutes of interrupted time during the issuance of licenses.  Further, Aaron helped to transport all equipment to and from the satellite location, even so much as traveling back and forth between the Sheriff’s Office and Collier Township the day of the event for equipment to resolve unforeseeable system glitches.