MAY 2018

I am pleased to acknowledge the selection of SERGEANT GINA DASCOLA as Employee of the Month for May 2018. 

In December 2017, Sergeant Dascola discovered the handbills for the January Sheriff Sale were posted with the incorrect dates, rendering them legally invalid. Recognizing the gravity of the oversight, Sergeant Dascola immediately formulated a strategy to reprint and repost approximately 200 notices, a feat that was accomplished within two days with the assistance of the P.M. Shift. To compound matters, an employee directly responsible for sale preparations abruptly resigned in February, leaving the Real Estate Division understaffed at a critical time preceding the March Sheriff Sale. Sergeant Dascola promptly reallocated tasks so that all assignments could be completed before deadline, even shouldering a bulk of the required work to help alleviate the burden placed on her subordinates. 

Throughout the months of March and April, the Real Estate and Civil Process Division continued to encounter unanticipated manpower hindrances. Despite these obstacles, the division continued to function efficiently under Sergeant Dascola’s direct supervision, a credit to her collaborative, hands-on approach to directly tackling problems and ability to make constant, sometimes spontaneous, adjustments to maintain a successful workflow in the Real Estate and Civil Process Division. 

In testament of Sergeant Dascola’s outstanding proficiencies sustaining effective operations in the Real Estate Division in the midst of several unforeseen and consequential staffing challenges, Sergeant Dascola will be granted one full day off work, as long as no overtime is incurred. Please join me in congratulating Sergeant Dascola on a job well done.