I am pleased to acknowledge the selection of DEPUTY SHERIFF ERIKA VASSER-PIPKIN as Employee of the Month for September 2017.

A sworn employee of the Sheriff’s Office for over 21 years, Deputy Vasser-Pipkin is recognized by supervisors for performing her duties with unwavering professionalism and exemplary effort.  Further, it has been noted Deputy Vasser-Pipkin displays a willingness to help fellow deputies with job-related tasks and queries, that she is always one of the first responders to calls for assistance and that she completes assignments with a high degree of competency. 

Deputy Vasser-Pipkin’s abilities were underscored on August 20, 2017, when she was assigned to work an outside overtime detail at Heinz Field during a Pittsburgh Steelers preseason game.  At approximately 1850 hours, Deputy Vasser-Pipkin, stationed at “Gate A West”, heard security officers yell for her to assist in prohibiting an individual from leaving the premises.  She immediately began following the security officers and radioed for back-up assistance.  The actor, later identified as Roderick Diggs, was detained for questioning in an altercation that had just transpired.  It was observed that Diggs was extremely agitated and Deputy Vasser-Pipkin and fellow deputies attempted to calm the actor.  The man, however, was handcuffed for officer safety upon his refusal to abate. 

Event staffing employees informed deputies that Diggs had allegedly just assaulted his friend.  Diggs was transferred to a secure area and Deputy Vasser-Pipkin went to search for the victim, who was located on an upper level. The victim was bleeding from a laceration sustained to his face.  He was treated and cleared by medics before identifying Diggs as the individual who assaulted him.  Diggs admitted to punching the victim, stating that the man had broken his cellular phone.  Witnesses to the incident said the victim threw his hand into the air as a celebratory gesture, inadvertently knocking Diggs’ phone from his hand.  Although the victim apologized, Diggs asked what the victim was going to do about it, subsequently punching him in the face. 

Throughout the ordeal, Deputy Vasser-Pipkin represented the Sheriff’s Office formidably, controlling the situation, calming an extremely agitated actor and eventually arresting the man for simple assault and disorderly conduct.

For her efforts, Deputy Vasser-Pipkin will be granted one full day off work, as long as no overtime is incurred.  Please join me in congratulating Deputy Vasser-Pipkin on a job well done!