As of March 2014, the Sheriff's Office has dedicated a deputy to full-time evidence management. The deputies duties include maintenance of evidence, corresponding with the Medical Examiner's Office regarding testing, seizure of weapons from other agencies regarding PFA's and release of weapons upon a background check of a PFA defendant.

If you are a PFA defendant looking to obtain your seized weapons, you must first contact the Sheriff's Warrant Office and set up an appointment with Supervisor Renee Wright for the appropriate background check. If you have been deemed able to accept your weapons, Supervisor Wright will set you up with an evidence custodian to release your weapons.

Warrant Supervisor Renee Wright - 412-350-4714

Evidence Custodian Deputy Joe Cirigliano - 412-459-5000

Copies of PFA's can be obtained from the Dept. of Court Records.

Please have the PFA 365 Form signed and submitted with the weapons.

Law Enforcement Agencies

If you are a law enforcement officer and want to set up an appointment to submit weapons to the Sheriff's Office, use the contact information listed to the left to do so. There is a full-time deputy on duty, Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM. In the instance that this is not suitable, exceptions can be made with other evidence custodians.

Please ensure that you have a copy of the PFA, a signed copy of the PFA 365 Form and the defendant's identifiers, including: Name, DOB, SSN, OLN, Address, Phone, Height, Weight, Eyes and Hair.