Starting Monday, April 13th at 8:00AM, the Sheriff’s Office will re-open the Firearms Office to appointment-only applicants. If citizens show up without an appointment, they will be denied entry. If a citizen has not scheduled yet, they shall call 412-350-3044 to do so. The Sheriff’s Office will NOT be taking appointments via email, social media, or the website. All appointments must be scheduled by phone.

The Sheriff’s Office asks that applicants meet a Sheriff’s Deputy at the Fifth Avenue Archway of the Allegheny County Criminal Courthouse. The Deputy will ensure that citizens have an appointment time and a completed application, then they will be permitted to enter the Firearms Office. If an applicant has an appointment, they will be asked to form a line inside the archway leading to the Firearms Office while maintaining a minimum of 6 feet distance between themselves and others. If an applicant is showing any symptoms of COVID-19, the Sheriff’s Office urges them to reschedule, as they will not be admitted.


- License to Carry Application

- License to Sell Application

For any questions, please call 412-350-3044.

All documentation (Valid ID or Driver’s License, application, and $20 cash) will be passed along to an employee in the Firearms Office for review.

Please note that the Sheriff’s Office will be taking all necessary precautions to ensure zero physical contact; such as wearing gloves and masks.

If an applicant believes they have an open court case or outstanding case balance, they will be denied a license to carry. Furthermore, if an applicant has a warrant of any kind, they are subject to arrest. If an applicant is unsure about a court case or case balance, they should visit the PA Unified Judicial website to follow up. If an applicant believes they have a warrant, they must show up in-person with identification. No warrant information will be provided via email, phone, or social media.

Please click Case Information in the top toolbar, then Court Case, followed by the appropriate branch of the judicial system.