Effective IMMEDIATELY, the Sheriff's Office is requesting that you only use the forms that are available on this website.

Hopefully in making use of these standardized forms, it will make your experience filing documents with the Sheriff's Office a little easier and thereby also alleviating many of the filing problems that occur when you present or mail documents to our office.

These forms were designed from all of the different style forms that have been delivered to the Sheriff's Office. If you are running into printing problems, make sure that you have the correct printing settings. Each printer driver has different settings that may or may not have to be altered to print this document in the form expected by the Real Estate division.

NOTICE: All documents filed within the Sheriff's Office requesting the Sheriff Sale of Real Property MUST include the ORIGINAL DOCUMENTS. No copies will be accepted. Please do not make any modifications to the forms provided on the Sheriff's Office website.

To access the forms, please click the button on the right labeled "Sheriff Sales Forms."

** UPDATED 11/20/13 **

Please contact Sgt Gina Dascola for any questions regarding Sheriff's Sales.





Due to the ever-increasing amount of mistakes observed upon documents being submitted to the Allegheny County Sheriff's Office for the scheduling of a Real Estate Sheriff Sale, whereby the provided Lot and Block Numbers do not correspond to the physical locations of the properties advertised for sale, the Sheriff's Office must require that a copy of the Allegheny County Assessment information be provided at the time of the filing so all information can be verified for accuracy.

Should an Allegheny County Assessment prit-out not be provided at the time of filing, you will be requested to provide one before your paperwork will be accepted.

Allegheny County Assessment Website


All documents relating to the Sheriff Sale of Real Property must contain a complete case number.

Two alphabetical letters, Two-Digit Number for the year, Followed by a six digit case number.

EXAMPLE: AR-12-000001, MG-12-000056, GD-12-000321,
AR-12-005481, MG-12-097152, GD-12-541876

Any document not containing a complete and accurate case number will not be accepted and will be returned to you for corrections. This is to assure that all documents are maintained in their correct Sheriff Sale files and the chance for error is limited.