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PITTSBURGH, PA – Sheriff William P. Mullen announces the apprehension of Antonuan Thomas, 41 years of age from Homestead.

Yesterday afternoon, Assistant District Attorney Jerry Johnson entered the Allegheny County Courthouse and was granted access to the District Attorney’s Office by Courthouse Security.  Upon returning from stepping out for a moment, Johnson was startled by a man scurrying throughout the District Attorney’s Office.  When approached and questioned as to his purpose within the office, the man became very agitated and explained he was retrieving his bag.  Johnson asked the man to follow him to guard’s station, so that he could be properly identified.  Sheriff’s deputies were summoned by Courthouse Security to interview and identify this man, later to be known as Antonuan Thomas.

After a brief interview, Thomas confessed to prowling throughout the courthouse looking to steal whatever he could.  Furthermore, Thomas stated that he had taken items from Judge Rangos’ Chambers, the District Attorney’s Office and other buildings throughout downtown. 

Due to the circumstances of this breach in security, Sheriff Mullen instructed a Sheriff K9, along with the assistance of a City of Pittsburgh Police K9 to sweep the criminal courthouse.  After the conclusion of the sweep, neither K9 located explosives or accomplices within the building.

After admitting to theses crimes, Thomas was arrested and lodged at the Allegheny County Jail on the charges of Burglary, Theft By Unlawful Taking and Receiving Stolen Property.  Additionally, the Sheriff’s Office notified City of Pittsburgh Detectives to investigate the possibility of other burglaries mentioned in Thomas’ confession.

For any media requesting a photo of Thomas, please visit the Sheriff’s Office website at www.sheriffalleghenycounty.com.


NOVEMBER 14, 2011

CONTACT: William P. Mullen, Sheriff, 412-350-4711