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PITTSBURGH, PA – Sheriff William P. Mullen announces the arrests of Kevin Arenth, 19 years of age from Plum Borough and Alexander Maiullo, 24 years of age from Mt Lebanon.

This morning, sheriff’s deputies were in transit to make a routine inmate transport when they noticed an erratic vehicle traveling outbound on the Boulevard of the Allies.  The vehicle made multiple traffic infractions, including swerving in an out of lanes of traffic, not using turn signals and almost striking vehicles on several occasions.  After viewing this activity, sheriff’s deputies made a traffic-stop to prevent this vehicle from causing an unsafe driving environment for rush hour drivers.

As deputies approached the vehicle, they observed that both occupants seemed very disoriented.  While the driver, identified as Kevin Arenth, began to search for the vehicle information, deputies noticed an empty knotted baggie, along with a tied baggie with several large white pills lying in the cup holder of the middle consol.  Deputies asked Arenth and the passenger, Alexander Maiullo to exit the vehicle and were granted permission to search the vehicle.  As the men attempted to depart from the vehicle, both had minimal control of themselves and could barely stand up due to incoherence of an unknown substance.  As deputies searched the vehicle, they discovered Xanax pills, a large amount of marijuana and sizeable sum of US currency.

Subsequently, both individuals were arrested without incident and lodged in the Allegheny County Jail where they will await charges to be filed.

For any media requesting a photo of Arenth or Maiullo, please visit the Sheriff’s Office website at www.sheriffalleghenycounty.com.



JANUARY 11, 2012

CONTACT: Lieutenant Jack Kearney, 412-350-4714