APRIL 2, 2016

CONTACT: Chief Deputy Kevin M. Kraus, 412-350-4714


PITTSBURGH, PA - PITTSBURGH, PA – Sheriff William P. Mullen announces the apprehension of Joel Craft, 44 years of age of the Oakland neighborhood within the City of Pittsburgh.

This morning, sheriff’s deputies headed to an address in 4700 block of Maripoe Street in Oakland.  Upon deciphering which apartment Craft lived in, deputies announced themselves repeatedly.  After a few minutes, the door opened and Craft had a Ruger 9MM in hand pointed at deputies.  Deputies immediately brandished their service firearms and alerted deputies surrounding the perimeter that the fugitive had a firearm.  After demanding that Craft drop the firearm numerous times, he eventually dropped the gun and went down to his knees, but refused to lie in a prone position.  Eventually, sheriff deputies were able to move Craft away from the firearm without any further incident.  During inspection of the firearm, deputies found it to be loaded with 14 round in the magazine, as well the hammer back, safety off and hollow top in the chamber.

Deputies transported Craft to the Allegheny County Jail, where he was lodged on the family division warrant, as well as awaiting arraignment on the new charges of Aggravated Assault (2), Recklessly Endangering Another Person (2) and Resisting Arrest.

For any media requesting a photo of Craft, please visit the Sheriff’s Office website or social media outlets.