AUGUST 30, 2016

CONTACT: Chief Deputy Kevin M. Kraus, 412-350-4714


PITTSBURGH, PA - PITTSBURGH, PA – Sheriff William P. Mullen announces the apprehension of Jerry Payne, 35 years of age of Mount Oliver Borough.

This afternoon, Payne was found at the Self Help Desk on the First Floor of the Family Division Complex.  Deputies were contacted, as Payne was suspected to have a Family Division warrant.  Deputy Anthony Fratto met with Payne and escorted him into the Sheriff’s Office within the complex.  When Fratto attempted to pat down the suspect for safety, Payne became violent and pushed the deputy into a filing cabinet, while trying to flee the office.  Deputy Fratto was able to briefly grab the man by the shirt while fleeing the room, but ended up losing his grip and the man entered the first floor rotunda.  Fortunately, Commander Leo O’Neill was in the rotunda headed to the office door and able to disrupt Payne’s flight from the building.  By doing so, Fratto was able to catch up to Payne and the deputy/supervisor team was able to take Payne into custody after a brief scuffle.

Upon searching Payne, deputies found suspected crack cocaine in his pants’ pocket.  The fugitive is being charged with Aggravated Assault, Escape, Resisting Arrest, Disorderly Conduct and Prohibited Acts-Possession.  Further charges could apply to Payne, pending the Medical Examiner’s report of the suspected drugs found on his person.

Payne was transported to the Allegheny County Jail, where he will await arraignment on the new charges from today’s incident.  Upon release from the jail, Payne will be transported to the Family Division Complex to be seen on his child support case, which he owes $1000.00.

For any media requesting a photo of Payne, please visit the Allegheny County Sheriff’s Office website or social media pages on both Facebook and Twitter.