NOVEMBER 2, 2016

CONTACT: Commander Charles Rodriguez, 412-350-4711


PITTSBURGH, PA - K-9 Ranger, who in February joined the Sheriff’s Office as a ten week-old puppy, made his first apprehension today, hours after being sworn-in for official duty.  The Bloodhound, who recently completed eight months of specialized training, began his first day on the job attending a 9 A.M. installation ceremony with Sheriff Mullen.  He received his badge and headed out to serve civil process with his handler, Deputy Sheriff Jeffrey Belback.

At approximately 11:11 A.M., Deputy Belback received a call from County dispatch regarding a burglary-in-progress at a residence along the 5300 block of Fieldcrest Drive in Whitehall Borough.  The suspect was last observed in the neighborhood, running through multiple yards and streets to elude authorities. Deputy Belback and K-9 Ranger immediately reported to the area, where they were met by Whitehall Police and updated about the incident.

At this juncture, Deputy Belback and K-9 Ranger separated from other police units at the scene to perform a track of the suspect.  At roughly 11:50 A.M., a woman exited her home and informed Deputy Belback that she had seen the suspect in her yard fifteen minutes earlier.  Deputy Belback and K-9 Ranger continued their track of the suspect, which led them to the rear of a home situated along the 5200 block of Baptist Road.  Deputy Belback noticed that Ranger was fixated on three doors at the back of the residence. The K-9 subsequently pulled him to the left, leading him to observe the actor hiding on the back porch, behind a stack of folding chairs.  Deputy Belback took the suspect into custody without further incident.

Following the arrest for burglary, the suspect was identified as a juvenile, who was reported missing.  In addition, the juvenile was wanted on an outstanding warrant for a probation violation.