Temporary Closures

05/14/20 - 11:00 AM | FIREARMS DIVISION
Appointments have been booked through the end of May. We will update on social media when scheduling will continue.

05/07/20 - 9:00 AM | REAL ESTATE DIVISION
The Sheriff’s Office has received a court order to suspend June Sheriff Sales until the August 2020 sale date (08/03/20).

04/03/20 - 2:00 PM | REAL ESTATE DIVISION
The Sheriff’s Office has received a court order to suspend May Sheriff Sales until the July 2020 sale date (07/06/20).

04/03/20 - 9:45 AM | COURTS DIVISION
Consistent with the Order of the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania dated April 1, 2020, this Court having originally declared a judicial emergency in the Fifth Judicial District of Pennsylvania through April 14, 2020, President Judge Clark now declares that the judicial emergency be extended through May 8, 2020. The Fifth Judicial District Emergency Operations Plan dated March 26, 2020, as amended, shall remain in effect through the duration of the judicial emergency. Additionally, in recognition of the likelihood that this judicial emergency may, of necessity, be extended through May 31, 2020, it is further ORDERED that any case postponed due to this emergency be scheduled after May 31, 2020, and that the suspension of the operation of Rule 600 be applied to those postponements, subject to constitutional limitations. Cases that can be resolved entirely through the use of Advanced Communication Technology may be postponed to a date prior to May 31, 2020.

04/02/20 - 2:00 PM | FIREARMS DIVISION
Now that both rooms in the Firearms Division have been disinfected, we will be implementing an appointment-only process for new and renewal applicants for licenses to carry concealed.

Beginning on Monday, April 6th at 8:00AM, applicants can schedule an appointment by calling 412-350-3044. We will be scheduling appointments every 15 minutes, beginning at 8:00 AM and ending at 2:45 PM starting on Monday April 13ththrough Thursday, April 30th to coincide with Governor Wolf’s orders. We will reevaluate the situation for May.

The requirements for the appointment-only process are as follows:

- You must schedule an appointment with the Firearms Division. There will be no walk-ins between Monday, April 13th – Thursday, April 30th.
- We ask that applicants arrive five minutes before their appointment. If you are late, you will lose your appointment and be forced to reschedule.
- Applicants are asked to arrive at the Fifth Avenue archway of the Courthouse, where they will be greeted by a Sheriff’s Deputy. The Deputy will ensure you have an appointment, along with your completed application, $20.00 cash, and your valid PA Drivers’ License or PA Photo ID Card.
- You MUST have your application completed upon arrival.

04/01/20 - 11:45 AM | FIREARMS DIVISION
Governor Wolf & PA State Police will be granting extensions to license to carry firearms permit. LTC that have expired on 03/19/20 OR LATER HAVE BEEN EXTENDED TO 05/30/20.

They will re-examine the possibility of an additional extension as that date nears.

03/31/20 - 3:30 PM | FIREARMS DIVISION
Since the closing of the Firearms Division, the office and waiting room have been cleaned and disinfected using an eco-friendly process, which kills viruses, bacteria, and fungus.

We are now developing a plan to reopen at some point, while staying within the parameters established by Governor Wolf. We are hoping to make this process efficient, as well as safe for Sheriff’s Office personnel and the general public.

03/25/20 - 10:15 AM | COURTS DIVISION
Please review President Judge Kim Berkeley Clark's updated COVID-19 Emergency Order.

03/24/20 - 2:45 PM | FIREARMS DIVISION
The Firearms Division will continue to remain closed until at least Monday, April 6th. We will not be issuing or renewing PA License to Carry Firearms through this time due to the Governor's Stay-At-Home Order.

03/17/20 - 10:40 AM | REAL ESTATE
The Sheriff’s Office has received a court order to suspend April Sheriff Sales until the June 2020 sale date (06/01/20)

03/17/20 - 10:40 AM| CIVIL DIVISION
The Sheriff’s Office has received a court order to postpone all writs of possession in Allegheny County until 04/14/20.

03/17/20 - 10:40 AM | COURTS DIVISION
Please review President Judge Kim Berkeley Clark's COVID-19 Emergency Order.

03/16/20 - 2:45 PM | FIREARMS DIVISION
The Firearms Division will temporarily close for the next two weeks beginning this afternoon at 3 PM. We will reevaluate this situation in coming weeks. REMINDER: Title 18, Section 6106 b(12) states that as long as you are eligible to renew your license, said license is still valid for six months beyond the printed expiration date on the license.