Academy FAQ

Can I apply and put myself through the police academy?

Yes, anyone can apply to the academy if they have met the minimum requirements.
Please click the link for the Police Academy Recruit Fact Sheet.

If I am not hired by a department at the time of attendance is there any financial assistance?

Yes, there are 2 full scholarships available to cadets; one full reimbursement and two partial reimbursement.  

What do I have to do to apply to the academy?

Refer to these documents: Police Academy Training Registration Form and Physical Examination Form.

Once I apply then what?

Applicant  will be contacted by a staff member from the academy and given a date to complete the physical agility test. View the entrance requirements. 

Is there a waiting list to get into the Allegheny County Police Academy?

Not currently (December 2020). Please check the Police Academy website for updates.

I have an arrest record; will I be admitted into the academy?

Cadets cannot be on probation at the time of application or anytime during their enrollment in the police academy. They will be disqualified from attending if they have a criminal conviction for a misdemeanor 2 or higher. 

How long is the academy?

The term is 6 months or 919 hours. 

Is it strict?

Yes, the Allegheny County Police Academy is run in a paramilitary fashion. The Academy adheres to a strict code of conduct and will prepare cadets for their career in law enforcement. 

Is the academy very physical?

Yes, you must past four physical training tests during your 919 hours. During PT (physical training) you will run, sprint, lift, and participate in team building and endurance training. Cadets must complete 58 hours of defensive tactics. 

Who teaches at the academy?

All instructors are current or retired police officers/deputy sheriffs with  vast experience of law enforcement. The in-house instructors are Allegheny County Sheriff Deputies and Allegheny County Police Officers. 

What is the cadet’s favorite part of the academy?

Typically, cadets state that driving, the shooting range, and real-world scenarios are their top three favorites.