Danyelle Davin

Accreditation & Grants Manager

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Danyelle Davin was recently appointed to the Accreditation & Grants Manager in the Sheriff’s Office Administration, after having served as a Warrant Clerk since May 2019. 

As the Accreditation & Grants Manager, Danyelle is responsible for maintaining the Sheriff’s Office Accreditation status, facilitating the agency’s internal directive system, preparing grant applications and providing general office support to the personnel in the Investigations, Transportation and Writ divisions. 

Prior to her current position, Danyelle graduated from South Park High School and CCAC South Campus with an Associates Degree in Criminal Justice, respectively. 

Danyelle grew up in South Park and still currently resides there. She was the youngest of four children with three protective older brothers. She shares a strong interest in law enforcement and has hopes of becoming a police officer in the future.


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