Civil Court FAQ

Where do I file an appeal if I don’t agree with Arbitration board’s decision?

First floor of the City County Building. Department of Court Records (412) 350-5729

Where do I file an appeal if I don’t agree with a Commonwealth Judges decision?

Grant Building 6th floor Superior Court – (412) 565-7592

What Judge hears Save Your Home Program for Mortgage Foreclosures?

Judge McVay Room #709 City County Building – (412) 350-3779

What Judge hears the Zoning Appeals for Boroughs and Townships?

Judge James Room #707 City County Building – (412) 350-5598 

Where is the Housing Court Help Desk for Landlord Tenants?

First floor of the City County Building Department of Court Records towards the back of the office.  (412) 350-4462 

Where is General Motions Court for Civil Division?

City County Building 7th Floor Room 703 – (412) 350-5644 

Where do I find out where and when my trial will be held/heard?

Calendar Control 7th floor Room 734 City County Building – (412) 350-5417

What Judge does the Landlord Tenant hearings?

Judge Connelly 7th floor Room 711 – (412) 350-5904 

What Judge does the Asbestos Cases?

Judge Hertzberg Room 816 8th floor – 412-350-6333 and Judge Klein Room 708 7th floor – (412) 350-4373 

Where do I report for Civil Division Jury Duty?

City County Building 7th floor room 700 Jury Room – (412) 350-5463