Civic Process FAQ

Has my paper been served?

You will receive a notification via email when your paper has been served. 

Do you have to come to my house to serve me?

No, we can leave the paperwork in our office for you to come in and pick up if you’d like. 

How much does it cost to serve one defendant?

One defendant at one address is $85.00. 

How do I get someone served in another county in Pennsylvania?

The Allegheny County Sheriff’s Office would have to deputize the service to the selected county in Pennsylvania. There is a fee due to our office and a separate fee for the Sheriff’s Office in the other county. 

There was a Sheriff at my house today, could you tell me why?

If the Sheriff left a YELLOW card, then he/she has some type of civil papers to serve you. We can’t tell you what kind of paperwork they have to serve you because they keep all of their papers in their vehicle. You can call the Writ Deputies any weekday morning between the hours of 08:30AM and 09:30AM, that’s when they are physically in the office.

Why can’t you answer my legal questions?

We are not attorneys; therefore, we are not permitted to answer any legal questions.

When will my eviction be scheduled?

A Writ of Possession is good for 90 days. The deputy will schedule the eviction within that time frame.