Civil Process – Civil & Criminal Court Documentation

The Civil Process Division, located in Room 112 of the Allegheny County Courthouse, has the responsibility of processing and docketing civil court papers such as divorces, execution against real and personal property, orders of court and miscellaneous writs dealing with respondents and transportation of prisoners.

Each of these papers, numbering several thousand annually, needs to be formally recorded as they are served to the defendants and appropriate records of these transactions maintained.

Until 2001, all records were manually handwritten and maintained. In April 2001, the Sheriff’s Office automated the division by installing several computers as well as a Civil Process tracking database. Also a project has been completed in which information can be shared between the Department of Court Records (formerly the Prothonotary) and Sheriff’s Office.

If you received a notice that a Sheriff’s Deputy was at your home and made an attempt to serve, please view the Writs page to find that deputy’s name to contact.

Precious Metals

Each store must register with

When you enter please select “Register Store” in the top right of the page. When completing the form enter legal name and, if applicable, store number. On submission, you will receive an email (if you do not see it, please check junk folder) for confirmation and activation. It can take up to a day for the WPAPM account to be activated. Once inside, you will be able to add your transactions digitally. An image will be needed to document transactions, and please be as detailed as possible when documenting the transaction.

Fees are as follows:
$50 license fee made payable to the Sheriff of Allegheny County and $250 compliance fee made payable to the Allegheny County Treasurer.

Phone Numbers

  • Allegheny County Return of Service
    • 412.350.4703
  • e Files
    • 412.350.4706
  • Foreign Writs
    • 412.350.3208
  • Out of County Deputizations
    • 412.350.3208
  • Precious Metals
    • 412.350.3208