Criminal Court FAQ

How do I know if I have a warrant?

You must come to the Courthouse in-person to the Sheriff’s Office on the Third Floor, Room 317 with your ID and we can let you know. 

How do I get my firearm back from the police/sheriffs?

You must go to Room 534 and fill out paperwork to file a motion in Motions Court to get a firearm returned. 

How do I get a license to carry?

It depends on the Sheriff’s Office policy at the time. The information can be found in the blue marquee at the top of the Firearms page on the Sheriff’s Office website.

Where is the Jury Room?

Before COVID, it was in Room 318 on the Third Floor of the Criminal Courthouse. During COVID, it is held at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center. 

Where is Motions Court?

Motions Court is usually held in Room 324 with Judge Manning. 

Where is the Witness Room?

The Witness Room is in Room 409, 4th Floor on the Grant Street-side of the Courthouse. 

Is there a daycare in the courthouse?

Yes, on the 4th Floor located in Room 410 next to the Witness Room is a daycare facility. 

Where can I get a hunting or fishing license?

The Treasurer’s Office sells license for hunting, fishing and your pets license. They are located on the First Floor of the Courthouse.

Where do I pay my fines?

On the 2nd Floor at the Clerk of Courts Office. 

Where is Formal Arraignment?

Formal Arraignment is in Room 519 of the Courthouse. 

How do I find out where my court case is being held?

If you go to Room 519, they can tell you where your case is that day. 

Can I use my phone to record my case?

No, phone use or any recording device is strictly prohibited in the courtrooms. 

Can I use my phone in the courthouse?

Yes, on the 1st, 2nd and 4th Floors, just not on the 3rd and 5th Floors.