Divisional Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

General Sheriff’s Office Questions 

I received a card from Sheriff's Office. What should I do?

  • If you received a YELLOW card, a Deputy needs to serve you with legal paperwork. The deputy should have listed their name and phone number on the card.
  • If you received a BLUE card, there is a warrant for your arrest due to Family Division. Again, please read the card and contact the number listed. If no Deputy name or number is listed, please contact the Sheriff’s Office Family Division at 412-350-3204.
  • If you received a GREEN card, Deputies are attempting to contact you regarding a magisterial warrant from Pittsburgh Municipal Courts. Please contact them at 412-258-5913.

How do I contact the Firearms Division?

The best route is to send an email to firearms@sheriffalleghenycounty.com, but you can also call at 412-350-3044.

How do I apply for a License to Carry?

Under typical circumstances, the Sheriff’s Office provides citizens with the opportunity to walk-in and apply for their license, while accompanied with a completed application, valid PA Driver’s License or ID and $20 CASH. However, it is best to visit the Firearms page and review the blue marquee at the top of the page for status updates regarding the LTC process. 

I think I have a warrant, can you tell me if I do?

The Sheriff’s Office provides no warrant information over the phone. In order to find out if you have a warrant, you must show up in-person at the Allegheny County Courthouse (436 Grant Street, Courthouse 111, Pittsburgh, PA 15219). 

Are you hiring?

The Sheriff’s Office offers a Civil Service Exam for Deputy Sheriff applicants every so often. In order to be hired as a Sheriff’s Deputy, you must have passed the test and be on the list. For opportunities or updates on available positions, civilian or deputy, visit the Careers page on the Sheriff’s website. 

Division-Specific Questions 

For division-specific questions, follow the respective link below.