Employee of the Month

I am pleased to acknowledge the selection of Deputy Robert Chambers as Employee of the Month for June 2022.   

December will mark Deputy Chambers’ 25th year of service with the Sheriff’s Office.  Throughout this time, Deputy Chambers has worked in many of our agency’s divisions, where he has been a tremendous asset to operations.  Supervisors state Deputy Chambers goes above and beyond to help shoulder the work of superiors, co-workers, jail and court staff and members of the public.  He is always willing to draw on his years of experience and knowledge to either assist newer employees or improve functions within his assigned division. 

Multiple Sergeants have praised Deputy Chambers, stating he was instrumental in their transition to Municipal Court.  They appreciated the thorough way Deputy Chambers explained procedures and the clarity he brought to many of their preliminary inquiries.  Further, Deputy Chambers is committed to being an extremely respectful and professional representative of our Office, building good working relationships with employees in the court system and treating all individuals with the utmost dignity and compassion. 

In recognition, Deputy Chambers will be granted one full day off work, so long as no overtime is incurred.  Please join me in congratulating Deputy Chambers on a job well done.  We value the numerous ways he has consistently performed well at his duties and the team-focused approach he brings to the job.

Allegheny County Sheriff's Patch