Employee of the Month

I am pleased to acknowledge the selection of Deputy Sheriff Bryan Maglicco and Deputy Sheriff Anthony Yauch as Employees of the Month for April 2022.

As Family Court resumed in-person proceedings last month, Deputies Maglicco and Yauch have been detailed to key positions on the first floor of the Family Court Complex.  In their posts, the Deputies are responsible for overseeing the large volumes of individuals entering and exiting the building every day.

While recently stationed at the juvenile magnetometer, Deputy Maglicco noticed an adult female quickly walking out of the courthouse, yelling into her cellphone. Deputy Maglicco observed that the individual appeared to be distraught.  Deputies Maglicco and Yauch subsequently went outside and conversed with the woman, who explained to Deputies that her daughter was being chased in her vehicle.  The Deputies ascertained that, while the woman’s daughter was dropping her child off at daycare in New Kensington, she was confronted by her child’s father.  The father attempted to take the child, causing the mother to retreat to her vehicle and flee from the scene with her child in tow.  The father followed the mother and child in his car, pursuing them in an aggressive manner.

Deputy Yauch immediately contacted Allegheny County 911 and relayed the information to dispatch.  As the mother was being followed, she made several frantic statements about the child’s father having a gun and wanting to cause her physical harm.  Deputy Maglicco continued to gather explicit information regarding the location, vehicle descriptions, landmarks, and street signs in the woman’s proximity.  These specifics enabled Deputies to determine that the woman was traveling along Route 30 in Westmoreland County.  Allegheny County Dispatch transmitted the information to Westmoreland County Emergency Services.

In the meantime, Deputy Maglicco used Google Maps to pinpoint the woman’s evolving location as accurately as possible.  Deputy Yauch then personally telephoned Westmoreland County 911 to relay the location to the dispatch center.  As the woman pulled into North Washington Plaza, she was met by local authorities in the parking lot.  Largely due to the efforts of Deputies Maglicco and Yauch, the mother and child were not harmed and the child’s father, who fled the scene, will face criminal charges for his actions.

Supervisors state that Deputies Maglicco and Yauch are consistently devoted to the safe and effective operation of the Family Court Facility and that this incident is an example of their proficiency in handling critical incidents through cooperation and decisive action.  Deputies Maglicco and Yauch will each be granted one full day off work, so long as no overtime is incurred.  Their commitment to protecting a mother and child, amid a chaotic and traumatic situation outside of our jurisdiction, is recognized and appreciated.

Deputy Brian Maglicco
Deputy Brian Maglicco
Deputy Anthony Yauch
Deputy Anthony Yauch


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