Employee of the Month


I am pleased to acknowledge the selection of Deputy Sheriff Christopher Williams as Employee of the Month for November 2021.

Since July 2020, Deputy Williams has been assigned to work security at the Municipal Courts Building, a position he initially volunteered to fill due to manpower shortages.  Deputy Williams quickly familiarized himself to the inner workings of the division, carrying out all duties with proficiency and professionalism.  Supervisors note that not only do they find Deputy Williams to be a huge asset to Municipal Court security, several Magisterial District Judges and building staff members have taken it upon themselves to commend Deputy Williams for his services. 

According to supervisors, Deputy Williams is hardworking, considerate, and enthusiastic in his everyday duties.  When extra support was needed, Deputy Williams served writs, assisted with arrests, and responded to medical emergencies needing first responder presence.  He is quick to step in and help fellow Deputies with any task necessary and volunteer for special details or assignments on behalf of the Sheriff’s Office. 

We appreciate the positive attitude Deputy Williams consistently displays while on the job and the many ways he fosters a positive, team-focused work environment.  In recognition of his efforts, Deputy Williams will be granted one full day off work, so long as no overtime is incurred. Please join me in congratulating Deputy Williams on a job well done!

Chris Williams


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