Transportation FAQ

Q: When will my boyfriend/girlfriend, husband/wife, etc. get transported to or from the ACJ? 
A: We do not give out this information to the public because it is a safety and security risk to both the deputies and the inmates on the transport. 


Q: How do I get an inmate out of ACJ to pay their respects to a loved one at a funeral home?
A: You need to get a court order from the Judge that is handling the case. The cost is $250 during normal business hours. No family members are allowed at the funeral home while the inmate is there. 


Q: How long does it take for an inmate to go a state prison after being sentenced?
A: The Sheriff's Office has nothing to do with determining when an inmate goes up state. That is handled by the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections.


Q: How do I get an inmate extradited back to Pennsylvania?
A: It must go through the District Attorney's Office to start the process.


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