Firearms Satellite Opportunities – License to Carry Events Throughout the County



CIVIL/REAL ESTATE & FIREARMS CLOSED – Juneteenth National Freedom Day

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    The events will be first-come, first-serve meaning that we will not be using an appointment process. It is important for all (new and renewal) applicants to have a valid PA ID or Driver’s License, a completed application, and $20.00 cash on hand. It is important that applicants bring a completed application to ensure efficiency in the process for all attending the event. Also, we will only be serving residents of Allegheny County. 

    Sheriff Kevin M. Kraus continues to strive to provide many opportunities throughout the county for citizens to apply for their license. There are currently ten events scheduled for 2023, so please refer to the schedule, which is posted on our website, to locate the most convenient event for you to attend.

    In addition to issuing licenses, the Sheriff’s Office will also have a representative from our opioid reduction program, Project D.U.M.P., on-site to take expired and unused medications. However, we will not be accepting glass bottles, liquids, syringes, inhalers/insulin, or creams.

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