Housing Warrants FAQ

I received a card from Sheriff's Office. What should I do?

It is dependent on what color card you received.

  • If you received a YELLOW card, a Deputy needs to serve you with legal paperwork. The deputy should have listed their name and phone number on the card.
  • If you received a BLUE card, there is a warrant for your arrest due to Family Division. Again, please read the card and contact the number listed. If no Deputy name or number is listed, please contact the Sheriff’s Office Family Division at 412-350-3204.
  • If you received a GREEN card, Deputies are attempting to contact you regarding a magisterial warrant from Pittsburgh Municipal Courts. Please contact them at 412-258-5913.

What types of payment are accepted to clear my warrant(s)?

We accept cash or checks/money order made to Pittsburgh Municipal Court.

I didn't get any prior notice of a citation. How come?

This is very common. Different infractions can be filed and mailed to the registered owner of a vehicle, without notice.

What if I can't come up with the entire amount of fees?

Depending on how much money is owed to the court and how many warrants are outstanding, Deputies can assist in setting up a payment plan after a portion of the fees are collected.

I was already on a payment plan but missed some payments. Can I get back on to a payment plan?

Yes, but a fee will need to be collected before the warrant can be cleared.

What does a guilty and non-guilty plea mean?

Pleading guilty will close the case, but additional fines, fees, or penalties can be attached afterwards.
Pleading non-guilty will submit a response to the court and offer you a future court date

If I plead non-guilty, do I still have to make a payment to clear the warrant(s)?

Yes, a payment is required to clear the warrant(s) no matter the plea.

What kind of documentation will I receive upon making a payment?

You will receive a copy of each individual warrant and a receipt listing the docket numbers for all warrants involved.

Do I have to go Downtown to pay once I have received notice for a warrant?

No, Deputies can meet you at any convenient location to provide you with the necessary paperwork to clear your warrants.