Municipal Court FAQ

How can I pay my family member’s bail?

Please visit Arraignment Court window on the first floor of the Municipal Courts Building.

I left my property at the jail. How can I get it?

You would have to visit the jail through the front entrance.

How do I contact the DA about filing independent criminal charges?

Please visit Private Complaints on the first floor of the Municipal Courts Building on Fridays.

What is the process to file for a PFA?

 During regular business hours, please visit your local magistrate. If it is after hours, visit the Municipal Courts Building on First Avenue.

I paid my family member’s bail. How do they get released and how long does it take?

You would have to contact the Allegheny County Jail, depending on the situation.

What’s the process after someone is arrested?

It is very dependent on the situation. If the person is arrested with no warrants, they would be admitted to the jail and go through the ID process. Upon completion, they would wait to see a judge for their preliminary arraignment. If warrants are involved, the situation is different for each case.

I think I have a warrant. Can you confirm?

No. The Sheriff’s Office policy is to provide no information regarding warrant status over the phone. More than likely, if you think you have a warrant, you probably do. The question is what kind of warrant do you have? By coming down to the Allegheny County Sheriff’s Office at the Courthouse, we can ID you and provide a “wants and warrants” check. If you do have a warrant, you will be detained.

The judge granted my ePFA, now what?

You must provide a copy of the order to the local police to serve the PFA. Upon doing so, they have to go to Family Court on the next business day to obtain a 10-day PFA.

How do I get my PFA or custody order served at the jail?

Contact the Sheriff’s Deputies at Municipal Courts, 412.350.3235.

What do I do to pay my fine or find out about a traffic ticket?

You can search your name on the Unified Judicial System of PA Web Portal’s Case Search for information about fines. Furthermore, you would need to contact that specific magistrate’s office about the ticket/fine.