Non-Support Warrants FAQ

I think I have a warrant. Can you confirm?

No. The Sheriff’s Office policy is to provide no information regarding warrant status over the phone. More than likely, if you think you have a warrant, you probably do. The question is what kind of warrant do you have? By coming down to the Allegheny County Sheriff’s Office at the Courthouse, we can ID you and provide a “wants and warrants” check. If you do have a warrant, you will be detained.  

I am paying my child support, but Family Division still issued a warrant. Why?

Not all non-support warrants are issued for failure to pay.

What do I do if I have a warrant for non-support?

Call (412) 350-3204 for more information on the procedure.

I received a card from Sheriff's Office. What should I do?

It is dependent on what color card you received. 

  • If you received a YELLOW card, a Deputy needs to serve you with legal paperwork. The deputy should have listed their name and phone number on the card.
  • If you received a BLUE card, there is a warrant for your arrest due to Family Division. Again, please read the card and contact the number listed. If no Deputy name or number is listed, please contact the Sheriff’s Office Family Division at 412-350-3204.
  • If you received a GREEN card, Deputies are attempting to contact you regarding a magisterial warrant from Pittsburgh Municipal Courts. Please contact them at 412-258-5913.

I am the plaintiff in a family division case and would like to know the status of a warrant execution on the defendant.

Again, we do not provide any information on warrant status. If you know any information regarding the defendant’s whereabouts (address, significant other, work, etc.) please contact our office or submit an anonymous tip online. Please be as specific as possible, as the better information provided, the increased likelihood in deputies executing the warrant(s).

It’s been some time since a non-support warrant was issued for the defendant in my Family Division case, can you provide information on your investigation?

Again, we do not provide any information regarding on-going investigations. However, if you have information regarding the defendant’s whereabouts, please contact the 412.350.3204 or submit detailed anonymous tip through our website.