Warrant Office Supervisor | PSP/JNET Compliance Officer

1994 – Present

The longest tenured member of Administration, Renee has been with the Sheriff’s Office since 1994. She began her Sheriff’s Office career as a clerk in the same division she now supervises and has been with for over 25 years, the Warrant Office.

Not only does Renee supervise the Warrant Office for the Sheriff’s Office, she’s also the Allegheny County JTAC Administrator, Master TAC Officer, and Coordinator with the Pennsylvania State Police Administration Office Audit Unit for National Crime Information Center and Commonwealth Law Enforcement Network, (LASO)- Local Agency Information Security Officer. She oversees Allegheny County law enforcement departments and several criminal justice agencies. Wright is an Evidence Admin who schedules appointments for firearms only returns and manages firearms Intake/Release.

When she’s not in the courthouse, Renee can be found volunteering on the North Side in many programs, such as North Side Old Times Kids March Against Violence Walk, North Shore Stallions football and cheer leading and Children 2 Champions. Renee also pushed for the renovation of Fowler Field located on Charles Street on Pittsburgh’s North Side. Renee also sits on the Executive Board of the Western Pennsylvania Youth Athletic Association (WPYAA) as the Treasurer for several years, and Secretary for the past 6 years.

Renee graduated from Point Park University with a BS in Business.