Reserves Unit – Auxiliary Sheriff’s Deputies

Reserve deputies come from all walks of life with the desire to serve the 1.2 million residents of Allegheny County including Pittsburgh, PA. Citizens who want to support your country, state, and county can make a difference by joining the unit.

Uniformed Street Division

The Street Unit is staffed by 20+ uniform deputies. Members typically volunteer 100+ hours a year. By far the most extensive activities of the Reserve in terms of man-hours are the crowd-control services provided to local communities and to charitable organizations. This assistance at carnivals, festivals, parades and other special events not only assures an added measure of public safety, but also in many cases frees the use of local police officers for normal duties. Many small communities would not be able to handle such events without this assistance and could certainly not afford the cost in man-hours of the services which the Sheriff’s Reserve provides.


Training Division

The Firearms Unit is the professional training unit of the organization. Instructors are professionally trained and give modern law enforcement training to new recruits, mandatory updates, and annual firearm qualifications to existing deputies. Training consists of a rigid police training curriculum administered by certified professionals. Deputies are trained in handcuffing, edge weapon defense with dis-arm and retention techniques, PPCT (Pressure Point Control Techniques), OC (oleoresin capsicum spray), use of the asp/baton, arresting techniques, firearms and Tasers. Firearms training is an intensive and a mandatory requirement. It consists of 80+ hours of Certified Instructor Qualified level leadership. Training is a six-month program completed with evening training.

Internal Affairs Division

The Internal Affairs Unit is responsible for the background checks and administration of badges, identification and equipment for the department and members. All Uniformed Division members are given complete background checks and NCIC clearance.

General Reserve Division

The Allegheny County Sheriff’s General Reserve consists of approximately 275 sworn male and female volunteers interested in community service. These members are not part of the Uniformed Reserve Division and do not have powers of arrest, but support the Sheriff and law enforcement in Allegheny County, PA. The General Reserve Members meetings are the last Thursday of each of the following months January through May, September and October.

General Reserve Division

Would you like to apply to become a Reserve Deputy Sheriff?

Please complete the Reserves Application and submit to the address below.

Colonel Brian Heil
ATTN: ACSR Application
PO Box 38083
Pittsburgh, PA 15238


Upon receipt, Sheriff Kraus will return correspondence stating that he has received and approved your request.

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