Right To Know

The Pennsylvania Right-to-Know Law allows the public to inspect and/or obtain copies of Allegheny County Sheriff’s public records. You may file a Right-to-Know request:

  • Email – Form at bottom of this page  
  • Mail – 436 Grant Street, Courthouse 111, Pittsburgh, PA 15219,  ATTN RTK
  • Fax – 412-350-6388

Upon submitting a request, you will receive one of the following responses within five business days of the receipt of request:

  • Notice on how and when you may inspect or obtain copies of the requested records;
  • Notice that additional time will be needed for legal review of your request or for the gathering or duplicating of the requested records;
    Notice that some or all of the requested records are not subject to production under the Right-to-Know Law.
  • If you disagree with a determination from the office that records are not subject to production, then you may file an appeal with the Pennsylvania Office of Open Records. Guidelines and forms for appeals may be found at Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Open Records Office.

The most frequent request to this Office is for the unclaimed, surplus, or excess funds list. Additionally, the names of property owners, property addresses and third parties who may have not claimed distributed funds are publicly available at the searchable dockets through the Department of Court Records.

Right to Know Request

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Be clear and concise. Provide as much specific detail as possible, ideally including subject matter, time frame, and type of record or party names. RTKL requests should seek records, not ask questions. Requestors are not required to explain why the records are sought or the intended use of the records unless otherwise required by law.
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