A caller claiming to Lt Mullen, from the Sheriff’s Office, stated the victim was in defiance of a expert witness subpoena and would need to pay $8,000 to have their warrants lifted. The call disconnected soon thereafter and the victim attempted to call back. However, they received a call from a Capt Stephens, who stated they would be handling the case as Mullen was gone for the day. The caller requested the funds be paid via gift card, which the victim retrieved from a local Giant Eagle and several Rite Aids. Furthermore, the caller stated they would have to provide proof of purchase by providing the gift card numbers to the caller. Upon doing so, Stephens transferred the victim to an Agent Meadows of State NCIC, who confirmed clearance of the warrants. However, the victim received a follow-up call from Agent Meadows, Special Agent In-Charge of FBI Buffalo who stated that they would need to provide an additional $5,000 to clear one of the federal warrants. Meadows stated that the victim would receive the funding back once they appeared in court. The victim then received a text message requesting the funds be paid via Apple Pay and the victim obliged paying the remaining balance.

Again, the Sheriff’s Office will NEVER ask for payment in the form of gift cards for anything.