Scam Disclaimer


Throughout the years, Allegheny County residents have felt the wrath of online and phone scams which have amounted to thousands of dollars lost. Scammers continue to prey on resident of the county and throughout the United States. The Sheriff's Office will continue to update this page with scams that we are receiving to keep residents in the loop of ongoing scams.


11/23/21 - Deputies received a call asking if we had a Sgt Miller that works for our office. We advised them "no." The caller stated that an employee reported to them that “Sgt Miller” called them earlier in the day and left a message on their phone stating they have an urgent legal matter and to call him back.¬†We do NOT have a Sgt Miller at the Allegheny County Sheriff's Office.

11/15/21 - Citizens have been stating that a Sgt Miller has been contacting them stating that they must pay a specific amount of money due to a missed court appearance from a subpoena for testifying in court. We do not have a Sgt Miller, nor would we contact you about such an instance.

07/22/21 - A woman was contacted by a man claiming to be a supervisor at the Sheriff's Office and that she was to pay a fine/fees related to jury duty to the Sheriff's Office via gift cards. Again, the Sheriff's Office will NEVER ask for payment for anything in the form of gift cards or vouchers.

06/21/21 - Residents have been contacting the Sheriff's Office that they have received calls where the scammer is stating that they have missed jury duty. In an effort to amend this issue, they are being told to go to the County Courthouse.


If you would like to discuss the scam call with a representative of the Sheriff's Office, please call 412-350-4709.
However, if you did not provide payment, you do not need to contact the office.  


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