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The Allegheny County Sheriff’s Office has several investigators assigned to various Federal and State Task Forces that include, FBI, DEA, USMS, ATF, and the District Attorney’s Office. A task force is a collaborative effort that combines the resources, talents, and intelligence of various law enforcement agencies to collectively target a particular criminal activity. Task Forces provide opportunities for investigators to be involved and engaged in significant criminal investigations; task forces also improve communication and cooperation, and they establish a vast network of law enforcement resources and partnerships. Many Task Forces provide additional opportunities to the involved agencies for specialized training and potential criminal asset forfeiture. Below is a list of the current Federal and State Task Forces in which the Allegheny County Sheriff’s Office investigators are embedded:

- FBI Greater Pittsburgh Safe Streets Task Force

- FBI Opioid Task Force

- FBI Violent Crimes Task Force 

- FBI Violent Crimes Against Children Task Force 

- USMS Western Pennsylvania Fugitive Task Force 

- ATF National Explosives Task Force 

- DEA Drug Trafficking Task Force 

- Allegheny County DA’s Narcotics, Firearms, & Violent Crimes Task Force 

Deputy Sheriff investigators who are assigned to federal task forces, maintain their local authority as deputy sheriffs, but are also federally deputized to investigate and enforce title 18 and 21 of the United States Code. This special deputation authorizes the Task Force Officer to perform the same law enforcement functions as their federal counterparts. The full-time federal task force officer is provided with an overtime budget and transportation to mitigate the residual costs to their home agency.

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