Transportation: Transport of Prisoners


The Transportation Division is responsible for transporting all Allegheny County prisoners to and from prisons, courts and hospitals throughout Pennsylvania. Trips are also made throughout the United States to return prisoners to Allegheny County for court trials or incarceration. The Sheriff’s Office Transportation Division works closely with the District Attorney’s office to coordinate all prisoner extraditions from other jurisdictions.

The primary responsibility of the Transportation Division is the safe and efficient movement of inmates.

Deputy sheriffs make many trips to and from 28 State Correctional Institutions throughout the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, as well as Federal Court.

Another duty provided by the transportation deputies is assisting local police. They transport inmates wanted on bench warrants from local lockups to the Allegheny County Jail. This service allows local police to remain in their jurisdictions and continue with their patrols to protect and serve their local citizens.

Deputies must complete all types of transportation court orders issued and directed to the Sheriff’s Office. For instance, inmates are at times escorted to funeral homes for brief visitations of deceased family members and then returned back to their institutions.

There are additional alternative housing programs for which inmates must be transported, such as the Renewal Center, ACTA, the Female Offenders’ Program, and ARC House. Depending upon the circumstances involved, security may require from two to four deputies to complete these details.

Besides transporting, the deputies in this division are periodically assigned hospital prisoner watches.

Because of the large flow of civilian traffic in the various county buildings, in the event of an emergency situation, transportation deputies available at the time would be instructed to respond and assist as necessary. For questions involving the Transportation Division please, contact 412-350-4701.

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