Writs Service: Service of Judicial Orders

The Writ Division is responsible for the delivery of all documents delivered to the Sheriff’s Office for service upon Litigants in a legal action.

There are currently 11 deputies assigned to this division.

In addition to service of legal documents, this division is responsible for the service of Writs of Execution (sheriff sale or personal property), Writs of Possession (eviction of persons or businesses from real estate) and the enforcement of miscellaneous court orders issued through Common Pleas Court such as Writs of Seizure (the seizing of property.)

If you are unsure of what legal paperwork deputies are attempting to serve, please visit the Department of Court Records Filings page.

DISTRICT 1Sergeant Neil Hall412-350-3267
DISTRICT 2Deputy Christopher Williams412-350-3219
DISTRICT 3Deputy Ryan Abbott412-350-1544
DISTRICT 4Deputy Michelle Vozza412-350-3214
DISTRICT 5Deputy Mike Frost412-350-1547
DISTRICT 6Deputy Dan Macioce412-350-3216
DISTRICT 7Deputy Ben Flood412-350-1546
DISTRICT 8Deputy Jonathan Monaco412-350-3215
DISTRICT 9K9 Deputy Jeff Belback412-350-1545
DISTRICT 10Deputy Sean Green412-350-3218
DISTRICT 11Deputy Casey McDougal412-350-3217

All district Deputies are available by phone from 8:30AM – 9:30AM, Monday through Friday. However, they are available to check their voicemail at any time. If they do not answer, please leave a message and the Deputy will return your call as soon as they can.